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                      Welcome to VANJOIN. Your satisfaction is our biggest pursuit. Mobile Site
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                      Rising must-see spot in Shanghai, the "paper building"


                      Recently, a "paper building" in Shanghai won sudden fame online. Of course, it's not actually built by paper, but shockingly "thin" in shape.

                      The thinnest part of the residence is only a brick-thick, about 20 centimeters. 


                      Though looks terrifying, according to local people, there seems to be nothing to worry about the safety of living inside.

                      The fact is, the whole building is like a 3D check mark. One can easily see the structure from a different angle.


                      Locates on Ningbo Road, Huangpu District, the rising scenic spot is only about 20-minute-walkfrom the Bund.


                      Full of historic significance, the unique buildingis over 100 years old. Many tourists and local citizens are attracted to the "paper building". 



                      Fast construction Vanjoin flexible #brickscladding suitable to use on interior, #exteriorwall and ceiling decoration, and be friendly alternative to the traditional #CeramicTile, #NaturalStone, #Paintings etc.
                      It's waterproof, fireproof, bendable, thin & lightweight, homogeneous & non-fading. Vanjoin different texture can achieve your imagination #architecturaldecorative effects of Natural Stone/ Wood/ Brick/ Leather Tile etc.
                      Green wall solution, full catalogue, technical details, prices can be provided.

                      flexible-wall-tile (2)_副本.jpg


                      Lightweight, Durable, Versatile, Timeless. Defined by its #rusticsurface, our sustainable bendable #thinbricktile is a favorite among designers and architects for the distinctive texture it brings to both indoor and outdoor #bricktile installations. Discover over 35 hand-applied models and styles ranging from red brick to #woodgrain tile of color. Choose up to 6 free color samples, shipped directly to you.

                      vanjoin-flexible-tile (1).jpg

                      vanjoin-flexible-tile (2).jpg

                      Flexible Brick Tile

                      One of our oldest and most beloved materials takes on a colorful new look with 10 standard colors to choose from. Brick tile is made by one of our manufacturing partners, who is carrying on a innovation of decorative tile making.  creates a flexible, light weight, easy to clean and colorful surface suitable for the smallest and largest projects on your list.



                      ALIBABA MARCHEXPO (March 4-31)

                      Source new innovative tiles and eps panels during March Expo and discover the incentives we have lined up for one of the biggest sourcing tiles of the season. 

                      Mark your calendars and checkout the deals at: https://lnkd.in/f435rtC  

                      #AlibabaMarchExpo  #greenwallbuildingmaterial #wallcladding #flexiblewalltile #naturalstone


                      Project Case - Prefabricated Villas Sandwich Panel

                      Lightweight partition panels are more compatible with steel fram structures. Lightweight partition wall panels can not only meet the requirements of precast industry, but also have the advantages of light weight and energy saving. Therefore, steel structure buildings generally prefer to use lightweight partition wall panels as the exterior and interior partition wall materials, which can greatly reduce the wall material to steel structure's bearing requirements.

                      prefabricated-wall-panel (2).jpg

                      prefabricated-wall-panel (1).jpg

                      prefabricated-wall-panel (3).jpg


                      Project Case - Hospital Concrete Partition Walls

                      This time is the construction of the partition wall of the hospital. It started on October 20th and has a construction period of 100days. Total engineering volume is about 70,000 square meters. 90mm wall panel can achieve the effect of sound insulation 43DB. 150mm wall panel is more remarkable, giving the hospital and the patient a relatively quiet environment, which is conducive to the patient's body. In terms of fire proof, vanjoin wall panel has a fire resistance limit more than 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, and does not emit toxic and harmful gases. The non-combustible performance meets the national A-class standard, and the vanjoin wall panel is safer and more reliable.
                      Vanjoin lightweight partition wall panel is a prefabricated construction, and the construction efficiency is several times that of the masonry. The construction process only needs to be accurately placed, it is simple and easy to operate! The average height of a wall below 4m can be more than 35m2 per day for a skilled worker, and the double-sided of the wall panel does not need to be plastered again. After the installation, other decorations can be synchronized, which can greatly shorten the construction period. Lightweight wall panel can be cut and adjusted according to the needs of the building structure, reducing the material consumption rate and construction waste, achieving simple transportation, stacking hygiene, no need for mortar squeezing, shortening the construction period, and the construction efficiency is 6~7 times that of the general masonry. .

                      Hospital light wall panel project After the wall finishes.

                      concrete-partition-walls (1).jpg
                      concrete-partition-walls (2).jpg
                      concrete-partition-walls (3).jpg

                      Hotel Project Case - Insulated EPS Panel

                      The project is located in a hotel in Wuhan, with a combination of steel structure and lightweight partition panels, and is layered upstairs. The vanjoin lightweight composite wall panel has the characteristics of heat insulation, waterproof and sound insulation, high construction efficiency and environmental protection. It is very popular in the catering industry, high construction efficiency, lower overall construction cost.

                      Let’s take a look at the site:
                      Steel structure building eps cement sandwich panel. 
                      insulated-building-panels (2).jpg
                      insulated-building-panels (1).jpg
                      insulated-building-panels (3).jpg

                      2019 Good-luck of beginning

                      1 (2)_副本.jpg

                      February 12 markes the 8th day into the first month of the lunar New Year, also moral seans of wish everyone has a wonderful beginning.

                      1 (1)_副本.jpg

                      A new Year
                      Let happiness release
                      Let happiness show off
                      Let good luck continue
                      Start your busy struggle
                      Must play the spirit of 120 points
                      Use the best attitude
                      Create a more brilliant tomorrow!

                      1 (3)_副本.jpg


                       Vanjoin 13th anniversary annual celebration has been successfully concluded on 28th January. Vanjoin Family is full of enthusiasm, dedicated attitude, craftsman spirit, using action to interpret Vanjoin style.


                      At the beginning of the annual meeting, Chairman Xu make a speech with the theme of vanjoin living, and lead us to review 2018 and look forward to 2019.
                      In 2018, vanjoin insits on the mission - give more greeness back to earth by technology. Continuously optimize and improve the organizational model structure, allowing vanjoin to successfully complete its annual goals in a tough market environment.
                      2019 is a new year with opportunities and challenges, and it is also a crucial year for decisive success. Vanjoin will continue to focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, continue to deepen scientific and technological manufacturing, and promote the integration of technology and industry, achieve leap-forward development, and focus on excellence.

                      Show & Games


                      Honor and commendation
                      The development of vanjoin is inseparable from the support and dedication of all Vanjoin people. There are vanjoin stars who have been actively contributing to the company in the near future. there are outstanding staff and employees who have excellent performance and dedication. . . Today, the honor of the vanjoin group belongs to every Vanjoin person. 


                      Delicious dinner
                      This is both a visual feast and a feast of taste. At the end of the show, the dinner began, everyone talked in the dinner, and toasted together, wishing vanjoin better and better!

                      Grateful encounter, grateful to have you!
                      In the future, let us work together!


                      5. 3D cladding
                      3D cladding has become increasingly popular in modern architecture. However, I think 3D cladding design can be the marmite  of the design world; you either love it or you hate it. I have seen some truly stunning projects using 3D cladding and  walls and then I have seen some horrible ones. Nevertheless, the creativity taking place by using bendable materials is to  be admired.


                      6. Metal cladding

                      Metal cladding can be a great supplement to your wall cladding design providing that modern, industrial look and feel. It  is also very useful for incorporating bold colours into the project.


                      7.Concrete cladding
                      Precast concrete cladding is formed by off-site by manufacturing precast concrete panels. These panels can be used for a  wide in a wide range of applications. Besides it’s structural benefits, concrete cladding can be a great way to  incorporate sculptured shapes into your exterior cladding design project.


                      8. Composite cladding
                      Composite cladding is a great alternative to timber cladding. Typically made from a combination of recycled wood and  plastic, composite cladding combines the traditional appearance of wood with the durability of an engineered composite.


                      9. Metal mesh cladding
                      There is no double that metal mesh cladding design has it’s very own unique look. An extremely versatile material, metal  mesh cladding is great for shaping different designs to form interesting architectural designs. It can also be effectively  used for wall cladding design elements like privacy screens or sun protection.

                      Metal mesh cladding.jpg

                      10. Solid surface cladding
                      There is no double that metal mesh cladding design has it’s very own unique look. An extremely versatile material, metal  mesh cladding is great for shaping different designs to form interesting architectural designs. It can also be effectively  used for wall cladding design elements like privacy screens or sun protection.



                      Exterior wall cladding design has evolved quite a lot over the past decade. Once upon a time, the brick was seen as a basic  component to the building but more recently, it has become the designers colour palette for creativity. Exterior wall  cladding can made from all kinds of materials but with so many options now available to architects, choosing the correct  material for your next design project can be a challenge (albeit, a very fun one). Here we will explore 11 exterior wall  cladding design ideas for you to consider on your next project. 



                      1. Slate stone cladding
                      Slate is a stone material that manifests the current design trend. Slate has a very beautiful look and the multi-layered  surface of the DécoR Ardesia Stone offers a three-dimensional feel. Not only that, it is a known fact that slate stone is  very durable and wears well over time Ardesia Stone is an astonishing modern natural stone cladding that is perfect for  Retaining Walls, pillars and water features for both external and internal applications.

                      2. slate waterfall wall cladding tile
                      a wide range of Slate Waterfall Wall Cladding Tiles. Following the precise demands of clients, we offer these products in  various designs, styles, finish and color combinations. slate waterfall wall cladding are mostly use in water feature and  fontain making. it's give natural look to water fall.

                      3. Brick cladding
                      We couldn’t write a post about exterior wall cladding design without mentioning classic Brick cladding. Great for houses  and commercial buildings alike, the Brick is now available in more colours than ever. Here is one of my personal favourites  from manufacturer Vanjoin Group. 

                      4. Wood cladding
                      Wood cladding has increased in popularity in recent times as a great sustainable alternative to traditional materials.   Wood cladding can give a home an instant style update. This practical, sustainable external finish is available in a wide  variety of species, grades and profiles to suit your wall cladding design vision. 
                      5. Ceramic cladding
                      Ceramic tiles have been used for wall cladding design since Ancient Egyptian times. In more recent times, terracotta  rainscreen cladding and brick slip systems are popular choices for construction projects. Ceramic rainscreen cladding  systems are particularly good at protecting the structure of the building from the elements whilst having a nice finish. 

                      4th China Building Decoration Materials Association (2018) and the 2nd Full Decoration Summit Forum were held in Hangzhou International Expo Center.

                      During the meeting, the “Proposal and Explanation of the Revised Edition of the Constitution of China Building Decoration Materials Association” was reviewed and approved, and the “2018 Annual Development Report of Home Decoration Materials Industry” was released.
                      Zhang Nailing, vice president and secretary general of China Building Decoration Materials Association, gave a report on the theme of “Innovation and change, promoting high-quality green development in the industry”. The report stated that 2018 is the third and third of China’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. The most important thing in the development of the year is to promote the structural reform of the supply side and expand the opening and deepening year. According to the report, China Building Decoration Materials Association has followed the pace of the new era and promoted the high-quality green development of the industry and played a positive role. At the same time, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the annual work report for 2018 was completed.

                      Firstly, the overall economic operation of the industry in 2018: the overall market for home decoration and decoration materials industry is weak, the production capacity is expanding but the price is falling. At the same time, there are two changes in the market, that is the traditional market shrinks, the price declines, the market demand is slow or reduced, and the production capacity Continued to increase.
                      In the field of emerging industries, with the in-depth development of Internet and intelligence, market demand has gradually increased. As technology and the market mature, prices have fallen.
                      In the current home decoration and decoration materials industry, operating costs continue to rise, profit margins continue to decrease; lack of high-end marketable products, lack of brand competitiveness; less investment in research and development, insufficient innovation capacity; weak environmental awareness, and increased closure of enterprises. But, Vanjoin Group advocates return greenness to the earth by science and technology since 2006, it is green new innovative building materials are in line with the market requirements, lightweight, waterproof, fireproof, efficient and eco-friendly. We are proud to provide green wall system services covering designing, sampling, testing, manufacturing, quality control, inspection and logistic service to companies that need a reliable supply of flexible wall tile, eps panels and sandwich panel production line from China.
                      Secondly,the development of the major work of the association in 2018: the industry repositions and the new development of the layout market. Leading the industry to enhance the ability and level of personalized service; the "Internet" and market penetration of the home decoration and decoration materials industry.
                      Carry out energy conservation and emission reduction, and lead the green development of the industry. The guarantee path for achieving the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Improve quality and standardize the industry market.
                      On the other hand, the association or participate in the preparation of national green product standards or cooperation with relevant certification bodies, scientific and technological innovation, and guide the improvement of industry equipment technology.
                      At the last, the 2019 work plan of the association; continue to promote the green production and application of the industry; continue to promote the implementation of the industry's 13th Five-Year Development Plan; guide the industry to innovate and change, promote the high-quality development of the industry; continue to strengthen cooperation with e-commerce, consolidate the "Internet +Marketing mode"; promote online and offline comprehensive upgrades, serve enterprises, and facilitate consumers.

                      This session promoted the in-depth exchanges between home improvement building materials enterprises and strengthened the connection between home improvement building materials enterprises and organizations at all levels. It further enhanced the influence of the association in the industry and promoted the deepening of technical research, market development and industry regulation in China's building materials industry.

                      "Vanjoin Help” Charity Action

                      Wall-Claading -Tile.jpg

                      On October 24th, 2018, "Vanjoin Help” charity action was held as scheduled. The event aims to help poor students at Guoquan Primary School, to use our love donations to bring warmth to their lives and to bring some improvement to their learning conditions.

                      Insulated-Wall-Panel .jpg

                      According to the learning resources, we purchased a batch of goods for Guoquan School, including multimedia teaching electronic machine, primary school books, primary school science experiment supplies, primary school hand tools, pillow blankets and special love gifts for 4 difficult students. Can help these lovely children, every Vanjoin staff present at the scene is also sincerely happy, can feel the warm and moving atmosphere on the scene, the warmth of mutual help and mutual help between people.

                      Insulated-EPS-Wall-Panel .jpg

                      For Vanjoin, this charity event is a start, but it is not just a beginning, because we will actively participate in various charity activities in the following time. Here, we will continue to pay attention to the situation of Guoquan students, and hope to reach a long-term assistance to Guoquan School, so that students can have a love in their hearts and feel good when they feel the warmth and care of the society. In the future, they will contribute to the society. At the same time, we hope that Guoquan School will keep the initial heart with us and take care of the students to grow up happily.



                      How to Install EPS Cement Sandwich Panels?

                      EPS Cement Sandwich Panel is a kind of lightweight energy saving wall material, which uses cement calcium silicate or reinforced calcium silicate board as face panel, filled with cement, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam particles, and as core material and forming by one time compound. The panels are widely used as non-load bearing interior & exterior wall panels, partition wall panels in many kinds of houses and buildings, such as prefabricated houses, family homes, dormitories, residences, apartments, luxurious villas, factory warehouses, production workshops, auxiliary plants, hotels, bars, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.. This article will guide you how to install the sandwich panels step by step, kindly let us know if you have any questions about the installation. 
                      EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panels Installation Tools  
                      EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Installation Process Step by Step 
                      1. Alignment, transportation of materials
                      In the installation position of the shell wall plate, the beam is placed vertically to ensure the installation of wall panels is aligned. A 1.5 square meter board can be carried freely by 2 people. 
                      2. Sawing of panels
                      According to the requirements of mobile machines with an arbitrary cut, adjust the width and length of the wall so that the risk of damage is minimized.  
                      3. Sizing
                      Using a specific proportion of slurry and water to turn into a paste, use water to even up the bumps. After that, apply polymer mortar in the grooves in the wall and in the baseline of the wall. 
                      4. Fitting the sheet
                      After moving the mortar-covered wall panels to their respective positions, align them vertically with the baseline. Use the crowbar to ensure the wall panels are tightly fitted with one another.  
                      5. In place
                      Place the walls together closely so that excess mortar can be scraped away. Finally, temporarily fix the wall in place. 
                      6. Adjustments
                      Check the adjustments of the wall and make the necessary adjustments.  
                      7. Filling of joints
                      One day after the wall is set up,slurry will be used to fill in the gaps between panes. 
                      8. Installation of crack-resistant material
                      Three to five days after the joints are filled, crack-resistant materials will be pasted along the joints.  
                      9. Insertion of wires
                      An electric saw will be utilized for the creation of grooves in which switch boxes and wires can be implanted. Any gaps left behind can be filled with mortar. 
                      10. Plastering of paint
                      To finish the wall, tiles may be fitted without any scraping. Wallpaper may also be applied directly onto the wall.  
                      11. Installation of door frame
                      Many types of door frames can be fitted in the wall. Theplywoodcan  besecure with nails and wall anchor. 
                      12. Fitting of door and window
                      Preparing a door and window hole on the installed wall,anchoraging it with splint or lines.




                      China’s Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 8th month of the year on the 15th day in the China’s lunar calendar (in September or October). Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 is on 24th September;It is the second most important festival for Chinese people after the Chinese New Year.




                      ① What is Mid-Autumn Festival?
                      To the Chinese, Mid-autumn festival means family reunion and peace. The festival is celebrated when the moon is believed to be at its fullest. To the Chinese, a full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and family reunion. The main traditions and celebrations include eating mooncakes, gazing and worshipping the moon, and displaying lanterns.

                      Mid-Autumn Festival Facts
                      Chinese name: 中秋节 Zhongqiujie /jong-chyoh-jyeah/
                      Importance: The second most important (traditional) Chinese Festival after Chinese New Year
                      Date: September or October
                      Popular food: mooncakes
                      Celebrations: Gazing and admiring the full moon, eating mooncakes
                      Origin: A harvest festival related to the worshipping of the moon.
                      History: Over 3,000 years
                      Greetings: The simplest is "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" (中秋快乐).

                      ② How the Chinese Celebrate Mid-Autumn?
                      Many traditional and meaningful celebrations are held in most households in China and China's neighboring countries, like having dinner with family, admiring the full moon, eating mooncakes, and lighting up kongming lanterns. Guess lantern riddles, Enjoy sweet scented osmanthus wine, Offer sacrifice to the moon.

                      ③ Why Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated and How it started?

                      The Mid-Autumn Festival has a history of over 3,000 years, dating back to moon worship in the Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BC). It‘s such an important festival that many poems were written about it, stories and legends on the festival are widespread, and its origins have been told to many generations.

                      Mooncakes — the Must-Eat Mid-Autumn Treat




                      ④ Mooncakes are traditional Chinese pastries eaten to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival typically involves much giving, receiving, and eating of mooncakes.

                      Chinese mooncakes are the traditional dessert/snack of Mid-Autumn Festival. They are round in shape, like the full moon of Mid-Autumn’s evening harvest. Up to 10 cm (4 inches) wide and 5 cm (2 inches) deep, most mooncakes consist of a pastry skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling.

                      Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges, and shared by family members, generally with Chinese tea.



                      We will attend the 124th Canton Fair on next month.

                      Date: Oct 15th to 19th.

                      Booth No. 9.2K01-02

                      Location: Pazhou Exhibition Center, Phase 1.

                      Whole Vanjoin Team warmly welcome and looking forward to your coming.


                        2018 Yunnan International Energy-saving Building and Decoration Materials Exhibition 



                      As of 2015, the total output value of China's architectural decoration has reached 3.4 trillion, with an average annual growth rate of about 12.3%. The national decoration market has a broad space.

                      In 2016, the total output value of construction industry in Yunnan Province was 386.722 billion, and the added value of construction industry was 180.622 billion.
                      In January 2017, "Yunnan Province Industrial Development Plan (2016-2025)" was released, and the development plan was determined to be 2025 in Yunnan Province.
                      The total output value reached 460 billion; "Yunnan Province Green Building Materials Production and Application Implementation Plan" requires that by 2018, the proportion of green building materials production in Yunnan Province will be significantly improved, and the development quality will be significantly improved. The proportion of green building materials in the main business income of the industry has increased to 20%, and the quality of the varieties is better to meet the needs of green buildings.
                      With the promotion of urbanization in Yunnan Province, it is estimated that 800,000 people will be transformed from scattered rural areas to urban residents every year.
                      The promotion of urbanization will bring opportunities for the development of building decoration materials market. At the same time, Yunnan Province as a “Belt and Road” and The important portal for the construction of “Bridgehead” will give the decoration industry an unprecedented opportunity for development.


                      At this exhibition Vanjoin has 72m2 Chinese Ancient style booth, was compatible with Kunming's historical and cultural. Providing new green building materials for beautiful villages.

                      Vanjoin Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in Flexible Wall TIle decoration materials, research and development, production, sales and supporting production technology. It has strong research and development capabilities.
                      The product has superior performance and is suitable for new residential areas, old city reconstruction, characteristic towns, school hospitals, shop decoration and other scenes. 
                      See you next stop - Philconstruct Davao 2018


                      Application of Vanjoin EPS Wall Panel 

                      Fire rated insulation EPS Panel provides a high quality and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional walls.


                      Vanjoin EPS Wall Panels can be used to build commercial, institutional and residential walls structures including in modern high-rise structures buildings.
                      The EPS wall panels haves already been used to create quality walls buildings in China and Middle East and other countries in South East Asia. Reputed buildings including Hunan Five Star Hotel and Shopping Mall, besides high rise buildings in Philipines, Abu Dhabi National Library, and Iran Kish Island apratment buildings,Villas in Australia.


                      Some advantages of Vanjoin EPS Wall panels include:
                      No Asbestos contained
                      Extra Space
                      Faster Construction
                      Easy Installation
                      Better Sound Insulation
                      Better Fire Rating for similar cross-sectioned
                      Cost reduction
                      Green Product
                      Wall construction without bricks


                      Typically, the average productivity per person for a traditional brick wall is 8 square meters per day whereas productivity using Vanjoin EPS Panel is 30 square meters per day, which is four times faster compared to the traditional AAC Blocks. EPS Panels are also 33% lighter than AAC blocks and are 70-80% recyclable.

                      Last week, We presented our Flexible Wall Tile at 2018 ESBUILD, as part of new wall materials exhibitor. This time we have Wall Deco Slabs Calacatta Marble Tiles, Sofitel Golden Marble Stone, Rough Edged Thin Slate Tile on the show.

                      Visitors all interested in vanjoin wall tile - thin, bendable and lightweight wall tile with natural marble stone realistic texture. Variations in colors and patterns are therefore no deficit but a sign of quality of the natural stone surface.

                      Flexible-Wall-Tile.jpg  Flexible-Wall-Tile.jpg


                      Black thin natural rock stone slate wall tile/ slabs/ cladding

                      Bringing the outdoors in continues to be a key trend and natural slate tiles are perfect to give your interiors and exteriors wall a contemporary, tactile feel. Combining a mixture of materials such as wood, concrete and rock slate will bring your wall right on trend and will create an modern chic style your friend and family will love.


                      Whether you’re decorating your Hotel,House,Carport,Office, natural slate will provide a unique decorating solution. Fashion tends come and go, yet slate slabs continues to be a stone that will stand the test of time, bringing warmth and texture to any space.

                      Slate tiles are available in a variety of finishes, from natural riven, which provide authentic rustic effects; perfect for high traffic areas such as hallways and utilities, Natural slate cladding; with a unique surface the softer finish makes them perfect for larger open-plan living areas and meeting rooms and Honed slate which is the ultimate in luxury and will create a dynamic atmosphere in any wall with its stone touch surface.

                      Whether you use natural slate tiles for your wall, they’ll be sure to revitalise any buildings. Contrasting colours couldn’t be easier; browse our range of deep black, contemporary charcoal beige or warm vintage multicolour colour tones.


                      Have you got one thin and flexible wall tile, or thinking of purchasing it?

                      Natural slate tiles are also really durable and easy to clean and maintain – so you're in for a treat.

                      Invitation of Philconstruct Davao 2018

                      Philippine International Construction Equipment, Building Materials, Interior & Exterior Products Exhibition and Technology Forum.

                      Vanjoin Booth No.: C18 - C19

                      Time: Sep 7th - 9th,2018

                      Location: SMX Convention Center, Davao, Philippines

                      Our Products: Flexible Wall Tile, EPS Sandwich Panel and Sandwich Panel Machine etc.



                      What is Flexible Wall Tile?
                      Flexible wall tile is made of modified mineral powder as the main raw material, using a special temperature-control molding system to form, baking, irradiation cross-linked with a flexible veneer tile.
                      Since it was born, it has the appearance of a tile, so it is commonly known as Flexible tile.
                      Flexible tile veneer are highly expressive and can not only vividly represent the color and texture of existing materials such as stone, brick, wood, leather, knit, metal plates, weaving, and water board, but also can be designed by architects and designers requirements, to create a personalized manifestation.


                      Flexible wall tile is a new type of environmentally-friendly ecological building material. It is especially suitable for high-rise building exterior decoration projects, architectural exterior facade decoration projects, urban old city renovation exterior wall surface materials, outer insulation system decoration layer and arc wall, arched columns and other heterosexual building decoration projects.
                      One more thing, our Booth on 2018 ESBUILD is E1-1027, welcome to visit.


                       Happy Children's Day !



                      Add:Floor 14, Golden Block, Poly Champagne International Building, Hanxi No.1 Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, 430034 China
                      Copyright 2016 Hubei Vanjoin Group All Rights Reserved.

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